1. Know what to look for when hiring employees.

When hiring, a savvy business owner will be aware of the specific needs and expectations of the position they wish to fill. Further, if they aspire to form a strong team within their business, they must consider factors beyond relevant skills and job experience.

An employee – particularly, those who interact with customers and clients– is a direct representative of your company. As such, they should reflect the ideals, ethics, and standards pertinent to your business. Take the time to consider which values are most important to your business, and which characteristics you would like clients and customers to associate with your company (i.e. creative, family-oriented, environmentally conscious). Leading a group is made much more possible when you are able to clearly communicate your objectives and work toward a common goal while bolstering a clear, positive company image.

2. Value your team and their feedback.

As a business leader, it is your responsibility to develop trust and enable healthy communication between employees and associates. If you are fortunate enough to have individuals working toward your business idea, it vital that you acknowledge their concerns and feedback. Doing so will show that you value their contributions to your company and can greatly encourage their personal commitment toward the success of your small business.

You may solicit employee or associate feedback anonymously, in meetings, or through low-pressure discussion.  The perspective of others can allow you to improve management, business strategy, and day-to-day operations, thus enabling your growth as a considerate business leader.

3. Legitimize business plans, partnerships and agreements.

An “under-the-table” business can only go so far; Do yourself and your team a favor by satisfying the requirements of business incorporation. In addition, legally validate arrangements involving employees or business partners. Failing to create the necessary business contracts can pave the way for future complications, especially in instances of disagreements between parties.

Legitimizing your company will contribute to the integrity of your business and your credibility as a business leader. If you require assistance in navigating this process, a business professional can aid in setting up your business and starting things off on the right foot.

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