Preparing Your Small Business for a Year of Growth


Business growth is a common goal among small business owners. Given the time and effort involved in creating a business and keeping it afloat, it is important for a small business owner to have an orderly system in place. Organizational tools include recordkeeping systems for time tracking and case management, physical file organizational systems (think well-arranged shelves and filing cabinets), and attentive calendar upkeep. Organizational excellence also involves the internal structure of a business. Among other factors, this refers to effective employee management and a clearly defined, positive approach to customer or client relations.

Written Plan for Growth

A written business plan will show that you take your business seriously and have an agenda for the future. Further, it is crucial to have a plan once you begin to see a rise in engagement from consumers and clients. For example, a business that has outgrown its initial office or commercial location should consider their options and prepare for relocation in advance. It is also important to take into account the labor, time, and resources associated with business growth.

Delegate Appropriately

Delegation is another aspect of business growth to consider. A small business owner may find themselves performing a variety of tasks in the beginning stages of a business (think administrative tasks, recordkeeping, etc.). As time goes on, they may find that their time is better used in a managerial capacity. There comes a point when one must be prepared to assign tasks to another person and distribute their workload mindfully. Being fully prepared for this possibility will increase your confidence, as well as that of your existing and potential customer base or clientele.

Hone in on Customer Service

Customer service leaves a strong impression on customers and clients and is likely to influence whether they will return or continue to patronize your business. You are encouraged to use this to your advantage in 2020. Prioritize the consumer’s experience. Seek customer feedback when possible; this will help you gain perspective as to which aspects of your business to adjust.

Outreach is another aspect of customer relations that is often overlooked. You may gain credibility for your business by participating in community events, networking mixers, and making charitable donations in the company’s name. These are only some of the ways you can make a footprint that will be seen and felt by those around you.

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