Estate Planning Resolves Concerns for Those Without Legal Heirs

Estate planning in Maryland may involve special considerations for those who have no close family or heirs. It is important in that situation to establish legal protocols during life to take care of the distribution of one’s assets after death. This includes the important task of appointing an executor to manage the estate. In addition, […]

¿Qué es la planificación patrimonial y por qué es importante?

La planificación del patrimonio es lo que algunos pueden considerar un mal necesario. Puede ser muy incómodo pensar, y mucho menos discutir, cómo le gustaría distribuir sus bienes después de su fallecimiento. Cuando tomas en cuenta las decisiones más pesadas, como quién asume la tutela de cualquier menor de edad o quién se hace cargo […]

5 Common Mistakes with Do It Yourself Contracts

A contract memorializes each side’s understanding of the terms of an agreement. Pay special attention to these five common pitfalls when entering into a contract in order to save time and money should the relationship deteriorate. Mistake #1: Not Having a Meeting of the Minds Take the time to have an in-depth conversation about what […]